Setur Marinas hosts the 1K course of the 18th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship with the participation of British Record Holder Swimmer Ben Proud

In 2023, the first stage of the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, which will be held in series in Antalya, Bodrum, Göcek and Marmaris, will take place in Konyaaltı and Kemer Municipalities of Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, on May 05 - 07, 2023
Setur Marinas, which pioneered the development of marinership in Turkey, will host the 1K "Setur Marinas Open Water Swimming Championship" race organized in Antalya as part of the championship. The 1000-meter course race will start at Konyaaltı Beach on Friday, May 5, 2023 at 16:00.
Antalya will host the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championships, which is not just a single championship but a whole set of championships, for the second time this year. Antalya, one of the most admired and preferred centers in terms of sea tourism and sports holidays in Turkey with its 640-kilometer coastline, is excited to host Aquamasters swimmers in Konyaaltı and Kemer districts. This year, Aquamasters swimmers will enjoy both swimming in the turquoise waters of the pearl of the Mediterranean and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic with great enthusiasm through year-long Aquamasters races.
The opening of the championship, which will be held under the auspices of the Governorship of Antalya, in cooperation and coordination with the Turkish Swimming Federation, Antalya Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, will be held on Konyaaltı beach hosted by Konyaaltı Municipality and Antalya Sailing Sports Club. The excitement will reach its peak at the Setur Marinas Open Water Swimming Championships, where the fastest swimmers, including British record holder Ben Proud, who represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games, has significant degrees in sprint freestyle and butterfly races, and currently represents Energy Standard in the International Swimming League, will swim.
Championship Program:
Friday, May 05, 2023 / Konyaaltı Beach, in front of Antalya Sailing Sports Club;
Arena AquaKids Swimming Event
Setur Marinas Open Water Swimming Championship 1K
Shell 100th Anniversary Night Swim Event
Saturday, May 06, 2023 / Kemer, Tekirova, Martı Myra Hotel Beach;
Martı Myra Open Water Swimming Championship 5K (Phaselis Ancient City)
Skoda Karoq Open Water Swimming Championship 2K
Jotun 4x500m Relay (Women and Men)
Sunday, May 07, 2023
Skoda Kodiaq Open Water Swimming Championship 3K Kemer, Tekirova, Three Islands
Jotun 4x500m Relay (Mixed) Kemer, Tekirova, Martı Myra Hotel Beach