Rally Rules

  • The Aegean Yacht Rally is not a competition. Therefore, making use of an engine during navigation is left at the masters' and owners' sole discretion.
  • The Aegean Yacht Rally is only open for amateur sailing and motor yachts. Chartered boats or tours sold at a price shall not be included in the rally.
  • Each boat shall have to navigate with a minimum crew of two throughout the entire rally.
  • The overall length (L.O.A.) of the boats to attend the rally shall be over 12 m.

All participants shall be obliged to;

  • International Regulations Preventing Collision at Sea,
  • Laws and regulations in force in Turkey and Greece,
  • Present valid Passports, Visas, and Transitlogs required by Turkey and Greece, an insurance policy in Greek and English, containing the financial liability limits considered valid by Greece, a Yacht Registration Certificate, a Master's Certificate etc.
  • They shall be obliged to comply with the rally's rules and the Commodore's orders.
  • The undertake to berth at the berths identified by the rally committee, and, where necessary, to lie at anchor at ports with limited berthing facilities.

The participants shall also;

  • Bear the necessary navigation lights during possible night navigation between sunset and sunrise,
  • Maintaining maximum observation and providing the necessary navigational safety in areas with heavy maritime traffic.
  • The navigation routes to take place in Greek territorial waters have been identified upon agreement with the concerned authorities. The navigation routes to be followed shall be communicated by the Commodore to the rally participants. Yachts navigating outside the identified routes and breaking off from the group shall be considered as having left the rally.

All Rally Boats shall be obliged to:

  • Fly the flag of their country of registration,
  • the flag of the country to be visited,
  • the Rally and Sponsor banners, and to
  • bear their Rally Number Plate (on their topsides).

Equipment required to be kept on board of the Rally Boats:

  • "In board" fixed internal engine,
  • Inflatable boat, lifeboat or life raft,
  • A fixed VHF radio of at least 5 Watt power,
  • Radar reflector and signal flares,
  • The equipment and documents indicated in Law No. 4922 on "Safety of Life and Property at Sea."
  • All the above equipment must be kept in working order and at the ready on board the boats. The Organisation Committee shall be authorised to check the equipment where it considers necessary.

Responsibilities :

  • All boats participating in the Aegean Yacht Rally shall be under the responsibility of their respective masters / owners. The Organisation Committee, the Commodore, the Route / Group Leaders, the Sponsors and corporations supporting the rally, the Republic of Turkey Coast Guard, Marina and Port Administrations, official bodies, and persons and bodies taking part in the organisations shall bear no pecuniary or moral responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by participating or third-party boats, or any accidents and injuries suffered by boat crews or third persons.
  • The safety and oversight of each participant and boat, as well as insurance obligations, shall be the boat master's or owner's responsibility.
  • Boat masters / owners and crews accept all material and moral risks they may give rise to, freely and in advance.
  • Each boat master / owner shall be responsible for the seaworthiness of their boat, and for the existence of safe navigation equipment. The decision to continue or abandon the rally due to weather conditions or other reasons shall be at the boat master's / owner's initiative. The intention to abandon the rally must under all circumstances be communicated to the Commodore.
  • Before the rally starts, boat masters / owners must inform and warn the crews and passengers on board their boats as participants, on the above articles.
  • Boat masters / owners warrant the Rally Organisation Committee that they will conduct no commercial activities in relation to the rally, and that they will not use the rally as an element of commercial gain prior to the rally, and shall obtain no commercial profits from their passengers and crews.
  • The boat masters/owners shall be considered to have accepted in advance all conditions and issues attached to the application form, as well as those specified on the website and brochure of the rally.
  • The Rally Organisation Committee shall reserve the right to accept or decline, without providing a reason, the participation applications at their own initiative. The Rally Organisation Committee shall also be entitled to dismiss, where they consider necessary, any participating boat from the rally following the start of the rally.
  • The participants accept in advance that, in the ports to be visited on the rally route, they shall berth in the order planned by the Rally Organisation Committee (alongside another boat, moor, anchor, stern-to, bow-to), to rest at anchor, and to absolutely follow the plans and directives of the Rally Organisation Committee with respect to berthing and port accommodation.
  • The participation fee shall not be returned to boats dismissed from the rally in the case that they violate the rally rules and the issues indicated in the application form.