Smartium Clean : Sea Cleaning Boat

Setur Marinas cleans the wastes on the sea surface with Smartium Clean technology

Setur Marinas has added a new one to its activities in line with its sustainability goals. With the Smartium Clean project, which was developed to reduce and recycle waste with the mission of finding solutions to environmental problems with original and pioneering technologies, pollution on the sea surface will be reduced.
With the Smartium Clean devices developed jointly by Koç Bilgi Savunma Teknolojileri A.Ş and Setur Marinas, plastic, glass, oil, etc. floating on the water can be removed in Setur Marinas waste is cleared. Autonomous and manual devices developed within the scope of the project collect waste in the water. After the special training given to the marina employees as of July, Smartium Clean technology started to be used in all Setur Marinas in Turkey.

About Smartium Clean Boat

Smartium Clean devices, which weigh approximately 45 kg, have 2 motors that provide directional movements. Sea vehicle that can be controlled up to 1000 meters in open space with a remote control; It includes a camera that detects objects such as plastic, bags, glass, and two waterproof ultrasonic sensors located on the front and back. The vehicle also has 2 antenna units for communication. Smartium Clean, which can be used in manual or autonomous mode with a remote control, can be used in manual mode, while its direction can be determined with a remote control. In autonomous mode, it is automatically guided to predetermined points on the remote control.