Pay at Setur Marinas without using your credit card !


Exclusive Credit Limit for Your Marina Payments!
We are here to support the financing of your individual mooring contracts at Setur Marinas through Regular Payment Credit (RPC).
What is the Regular Payment Credit (RPC)?
RPC is a special payment limit for marina payments, activated as needed. During your contract period, a limit equal to your mooring fee is set. Payments are then automatically deducted from your account in monthly installments, according to the payment plan you request. If your account lacks sufficient funds on the payment day, the installment amount is covered by your limit. Additionally, you pay no interest when the limit is not used.
For marina mooring operations and payment plans, you can visit the nearest Setur Marinas office or you can contact Setur Marinas via the marina contact numbers. You can apply for the Regular Payment Credit via Yapı Kredi website or by visiting the branches. Once your limit is approved, you can activate it in branches and easily make your payments.