Yacht Agency services from Setur Marinas at all marinas

Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, is introducing a new one to the unique opportunities it offers with its chain of marinas. The Yacht Agency Service, where yachters can perform many of their procedures easily and safely, is now available at all marinas of Setur Marinas.

Satisfying the needs of seafarers in all its marinas from north to south, Setur Marinas is now offering a new service to yachters. Launched back in 2001 at Setur Marinas Kuşadası, the Yacht Agency service is now available at all Setur Marinas. Following the "continuous improvement" principle of Vehbi Koç, the founder of Koç Group, Setur Marinas continues to pursue innovative ideas in every field and to look for ways to provide better service to its guests, and has added the Yacht Agency service to the service range of all its marinas with this perspective.

Yacht Agency service was introduced for the first time 22 years ago at Setur Marinas Kuşadası. When it became a basic need for marina guests over time, the necessary infrastructure was established and put into practice in all Setur Marinas with the vision of "unconditional customer satisfaction". Setur Marinas provides a wide range of Yacht Agency services to its customers to meet every need of yachters.

Many services such as international port entry-exit procedures, renewal of navigation licenses, transfers of boat owners, and renewal of boat licenses can be performed reliably at Setur Marinas' yacht offices. Thanks to the application that makes life easier for yachters, boat owners can complete all the procedures they need at the offices in the marinas without having to get too far away from their boats.