A Setur Marinas Yalova Classic!


Making an annual mooring contract with Setur Marinas Yalova at privileged prices entitles you to free berthing for 30 days at each and every one of the the 8 Setur Marinas;  members of the largest marina chain in Turkey and a further 30 free berth days at Setur Marinas Kalamış, at the very heart of Istanbul, with a total of 270 berth days.  
In addition to the 25% discount in annual mooring contracts with Setur Marinas Yalova, you may as well choose to buy an 18 months mooring package. 
Last but not least, minimum yearly and longer mooring contracts provides access to many more advantages of the Setur Marinas chain, including but not limited to Win as You Navigate, Loyalty, Boat for Sale, Joint Lift Use and Emergency Assistance.
Setur Marinas reserves the right to change the terms and durations of the campaign. 
Kalamış Marina free berthing is available from July 1st 2021 through August 30th 2021 with the condition of free 30-day mooring reservation at Setur Marinas Kalamış.