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Special opportunities of Setur Marinas are as follows:


Free mooring for 30 days

When an annual contract is signed with any Setur Marina, mooring right is provided at any of the other Setur Marinas free of charge for the first 30 days. Moreover, 30 days mooring free of charge is the limit for each of the marinas. After 30 days of free mooring, a 50% discount will be provided for further mooring.

Win As you Navigate

Additional Duration for the Renewed Contract

Within the scope of the Chain Campaign, a free stay of up to 30 days in addition will be granted to boats which stay at 50% discounted rates, in the event that they renew their annual mooring contracts.

Emergency Assistance

50% Discount for Lifting

Within the scope of the Emergency Assistance Campaign, if a boat that has an annual contract with a Setur Marina is required to be docked at another Setur Marina while navigating, no mooring or docking fee will be applied, and there will be a 50% discount for lifting.


Discounts between 2% and 25% based on seniority of the Boat Owner within the Chain

The loyalty campaign offers discounts in annual mooring contracts of the sailors according to their seniority. With a discount rate set as 2% for each year spent together, it offers boat owners with a seniority over 10 years, a discount of up to 25%.

Joint Lift Use - Free of Charge Lifting Service

Within the scope of Joint Lift Campaign, if it is not possible to dock any boat, which has an annual contract with a Setur Marina, due various reasons, we dock them at another Setur Marina without lifting and launching fees.

Boat on Sale - 2 Times free lift operations Before Selling the Boat and Discount or Contract Transfer after Selling the Boat

The most comfortable marinas for boats on sale, the Setur Marinas offer sailors, who are under an annual contract and who wish to sell their yachts, free lifting and launching services 2 times during the term of the contract, and the right to assign their remaining contract term to another Setur Marina, along with a 50% discount in mooring up to 30 days.

Design your Contract - Contract based on Personal Schedule 

The campaign, Design Your Contract, offers sailors the opportunity to make annual contracts according to their personal schedule at advantageous prices at any 2 or 3 Setur Marinas they wish.

New Boat - 10% discount for the first year for annual contracts and 5% in the second year and Free Lifting

Setur Marinas provides a 10% of discount for the owner of a new boat in the annual contract of the first year and 5% for the second year and first lifting/launching and 1 month of dry docking will be provided free of charge.

Convert your Daily Contract to Annual

In this practice where we deduct the fee, paid for daily contracts, from the annual contract, the opportunity to convert their duration of stay at Setur Marinas up to 15 days to annual contract is provided to boat owners. Within the scope of the campaign, the fee, paid for daily contracts are deducted from the annual contract.

Win - Win - For Each sailor friend that you bring to our marinas you will win If sailors, who have annual contracts with Setur Marinas, convince their friends whose boat does not stay at Setur Marinas, to make a contract with Setur Marinas, both the sailors and their friends will earn a 1 month free stay.


Setur Marinas reserve the right to change/cancel the campaigns.